About MUM

The MUM Enterprise Suite is a product of NETCONOMY Software & Consulting GmbH. NETCONOMY is a leading international specialist for solutions with the SAP® Customer Experience Suite. The company, which employs more than 450 people is based in Graz, Austria and runs offices in Berlin, Dortmund, Vienna, Klagenfurt and Zurich.

MUM Enterprise Suite

MUM Enterprise Suite is a product: a comprehensive product that makes business life easier. Moreover, MUM is also a mission, created by a community of people committed to digital excellence and the desire to fuel businesses with information.

Our Values

We are proud to deliver.

We are proud to deliver.

We are proud to implement solutions that run and wow. It always looks easy from the outside, but delivering quality and sticking to the budget at the same time is a difficult task. Our clients say that we can do amazing stuff that works. This is because we master the balance in our teams and beyond.

We move first.

We move first.

Moving first is a state of mind. It entails being so passionate about something that everything happening in that field attracts your attention and then being able to sense whether it’s so relevant that it will change the field or not. If so, there is a new game to be played. That’s what we’re committed to: To be the first to master new technologies that will be game changers.

We like competition.

We like competition.

We don’t think that people can simply be motivated – the goal is really more about creating an environment where people can thrive. While working, we appear to be a team of friends in positive competition. Our people say that we are an extraordinary company working for really awesome clients. The hardest thing to do is remain at the top, so we try to consistently improve and work hard to get better every day.

We show up.

We show up.

In our day-to-day challenges, there are always two roads we can take. We can either decide to stay in the comfort zone, and hide and wait for others to be held responsible or we can simply show and take the challenge head-on. This is the road less travelled. But it is the path we will always go down, because it leads to more clarity and success. This is why fairness, transparency and accountability are so important to us.

Get to know us

Gernot Lepuschitz

Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for the strategic development of MUM - Master Data Management. Main contact to all customer- and consulting projects.

Stefan Dorner

Lead Product Development

Responsible for the technical development of MUM - Master Data Management, ensuring the high quality standards of MUM.

Facts & Figures

A product of NETCONOMY

established in 2000

MUM Enterprise Suite

since 2003

400+ employees


International orientation

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Cutting-edge services and technology

and still improving

Variety of locations

in Berlin, Dortmund, Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt, Zurich, Madrid and Belgrade

References from international clients

both B2B and B2C

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We run six locations in three countries. Come and visit us!


MUM Software
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1020 Vienna, Austria

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MUM Software
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MUM Software GmbH
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MUM Software GmbH
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MUM Software GmbH
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MUM Software
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28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain

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MUM Software GmbH
Omladinskih brigada 90b
(building 2200 – Camelia)
Beograd, Serbia


Gernot Lepuschitz
[email protected]