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The MUM Master Data Manager is web-based solution that handles multi-domain master data. You will benefit from a single and reliable real-time view on your data. The MUM Master Data Manager also ensures data quality and data security compliant with the GDPR.

Decision taking will be facilitated with beautiful visualisations on our State-of-the-Art web interface. As the Master Data Manager logs organizational changes automatically you also keep track of your organizational development.


Fully integrated Master Data Management. Integration, validation and workflow support form a single solution.

Rapid Customisation

Fast and agile implementation due to easily configurable API’s. No programming needed.

Platform Independent

Open architecture without proprietary standards. Fully compatible with third party systems of all kind.

Master Data Manager Features

A centralized repository for all relevant information from different systems and data sources; decentralized administration of data through a comprehensive rights- and role-based access control system

An enterprise integration technology that fits your current as well as your future needs

A powerful reporting engine with a beautiful Chart-Builder

Integrated workflow for the management of cross-company processes automatic logging of all changes

A release mechanism that secures data quality (GDPR compliant)

4 steps to the Golden Record

Fully integrated, GDPR-compliant solution – from data integration to data governance


Data Integration

Simple integration with existing systems through modular interface plugins. Whether database-, web service- or file-based: Interfaces can be easily configured instead of being complexly programmed.


Data Matching

Automatically aggregated heterogeneous data-sources by means of keys, fuzzy matching and integrated duplicate recognition – as a basis for the cross-system Golden Record.


Data Validation

Transparent data quality thanks to freely definable validation- and data quality rules. Invalid data can be quickly identified, easily visualized and efficiently adjusted.


Data Governance

Centralized management of the entire Data Governance Organization including Data Ownership on attribute level. Pre-defined review-, approval- and data maintenance processes ensure the Golden Record during operation. GDPR requirements are fully considered.

Golden Record

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