The MUM Enterprise Suite

Businesses around the world have become vibrating networks. Mastering all kind of data produced in these networks is a business imperative. But this is heavy lifting, due to a variety of platforms and specific applications running.

Master Data Management will not only ease this task. It will also give you a competitive advantage by seamless enterprise integration and speeding up decision making based on consistent real-time data. With the MUM Enterprise Suite you will secure your „golden record“, the single version of all data entities in your company.

The MUM Enterprise Suite is a web-based solution that can be easily configurated and integrates seamlessly in your existing IT infrastructure. Its open architecture with cutting-edge Java, web and database API technology can adress all third party systems to centralize master data. It has a powerful reporting engine that ensures you will have all relevant data available any time, on any device. And, decision takers, there is also a beautiful Chart-Builder that will save your time spent on your management dashboard!

Master Data Manager

The MUM Master Data Manager is web-based solution that handles multi-domain master data. You will benefit from a single and reliable real-time view on your data. The MUM Master Data Manager also en

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Legal Entity Manager

The MUM Legal Entity Manager is a leading Holding Information System that manages and delivers master data from a variety of domains like subsidiary companies, board members and mandates, shares or

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Organisation Manager

The MUM Organisation Manager merges organisational data (departments, business units, locations, positions, resources and assignments) from different HR systems. You will benefit from up-to-

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Identity Manager

The bigger, the more complex an organisation is, the more important it is to manage authorizations of any kind, like the rights to access certain data. The MUM Identity Manager is an active-directo

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Gernot Lepuschitz
Chief Operations Officer

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